Thursday, December 3, 2015

Scoreboard: Flyers' Charities Military Appreciation Jersey Auction

If you can remember all the way back to November 10th, you might recall that the Flyers hosted a military appreciation night at the Wells Fargo Center. If that doesn't ring a bell, it was also the most depressing hockey game ever and Wawa's Clorox sales went through the roof. But this is a happy post, so we'll move on from those emotions.

The players wore camouflage jerseys for warmups that night, and those sweaters immediately got autographed and went up for auction to benefit the various charities affiliated with the Flyers. Those auctions are drawing to a close, and so it's a good time to check in on how much each shirt is fetching on the open market. You have until just after 9pm tonight to get your bids in - so if you need a last minute Christmas present and you have a ton of disposable income, link here.

Michael Del Zotto - Philadelphia Flyers - Military Appreciation Warmup-Worn Autographed Jersey

(Note: all of these auctions started at $250, and the minimum bid is an additional $20.)

The Battle For Last Place

Ryan White, current bid $290
I'm going to give Whitey a pass here because he's been out for a few weeks. You have to think if he was on the ice hitting guys and being Claude Giroux's best friend, he'd get some extra love.

Side note: White's been out for the entire Gostisbehere era, and it seems like Ghost might be trying to steal some of that best friend spotlight. Find out what happens when Ryan White returns, next week on Beverly Hills, 19148 (TM).

Matt Read, current bid $290
I am really surprised that Read's name is in this discussion. He's been around for a while, he's been on a productive line recently, and he's a pretty likable guy all around.

Nick Schultz, current bid $290
... well I think we can all agree that he belongs in this group.

First Season As A Flyer

Michael Neuvirth, current bit $310
What can you really say here? He's been lighting the league on fire this season. He's leading the league in save percentage and shutouts (despite only starting ten games). The issue, of course, is the short-term contract. Somebody is probably going to offer him a yacht full of money when his deal here is up, and nobody wants to be stuck with a camo jersey of a backup goalie that we had for two years.

Are These Guys Cornerstones Or Will They All Get Traded?

Michael Del Zotto, current bid $330
The current number one defensemen is also kind of a media personality, thanks to his relationships with Tyler Seguin and Lisa Ann. He's also kind of a dick though, and he's another guy that might just walk after his deal is up because somebody will probably overpay him.

Michael Raffl, current bid $330
I waffle back and forth on Raffl on an almost daily basis. At times, he looks like he completes the Giroux-Voracek line and is the glue that holds together one of the five best lines in the NHL. Other times, he looks like a shitty dump-and-chase fourth liner that has no business playing with anyone other than Chris Vandevelde. We'll see, I guess?

Brayden Schenn, current bid $370
The ultimate "Will he stay or will he go" guy - except for maybe his brother, who is such a question mark that they didn't even auction off his shirt. Brayden looks to have chemistry with Giroux, but it seems like he has a very short leash with fans and he probably has more trade value than anyone on the team (within reason). I like the Schenns, and I think they should both be brought back next year if it can be done on reasonable contracts. But obviously the fans aren't sure what's going to happen, and B's jersey value reflects that.

Steve Mason, current bid $400
Falling just outside the top five is the franchise goaltender that we need, deserve, and love. Ma$e has been solid, to the point where there is a decent case to be made for his backup to be in the All-Star Game and there STILL isn't a goalie controversy.

The Top Five

5. Sean Couturier, current bid $500
If this jersey wasn't $500, I was going to consider putting it under my Christmas tree. For all his alleged offensive woes, Coots puts up numbers where they count: in charity auctions that he has no control over.

T-3. Wayne Simmonds, current bid $520
Wayne Train has been on a tear recently, but he's always been a fan favorite and his jersey has been bet pretty steadily since the auction opened.

T-3. Claude Giroux, current bid $520
I, for one, am outraged that this is all G's shirt is fetching. I can't believe that there isn't a single grown up adult with more a thousand bucks lying around that could put an AUTOGRAPHED SPECIAL EDITION JERSEY of the captain in their basement bar/mancave. I mean come the fuck on, I can afford this shit now. Do the right thing, Main Line Dads.

2. Mark Streit, current bid $600
My outrage meter was pretty high for Giroux's jersey, and I'm tempted to just let it continue to rise for this Streit situation, but Streit's tied with Couturier for the most bids (9). People like him, despite his broken dick, and that's completely fine. It'll be nice to have his jersey one day so you can say "Remember this guy? We traded him for the pick that turned into that 19-year old winger who turned out to be the missing piece for our Stanley Cup run in 2018."

1. Jake Voracek, current bid $770
I think Paul Holmgren was involved in this bidding. It opened at $250, was quickly bid up to $270, and then someone swooped in and bid $750. On the first day of bidding! It's like on Cutthroat Kitchen when someone REALLY doesn't want to have to cook with a blindfold on and bids some exorbitant amount to drive everyone else away. Except, in the case, someone raised the bid to $770 less than 24 hours later (and it's been steady there for two weeks). So sucks for you, Person Who Now Has To Cook With A Blindfold On And Has No Jake Voracek Military Appreciation Jersey.

Jakub Voracek - Philadelphia Flyers - Military Appreciation Warmup-Worn Autographed Jersey

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