Monday, May 6, 2013

Game of Thrones Power Rankings - 3.6

I know I'm only in the second week of doing the weekly Game of Thrones power rankings. I shouldn't be so into it.

But I live for this.

Kind of how fantasy football makes football a trillion times better, knowing that I have to rank everyone (okay, not everyone) and back my choices up with semi-rational reasoning makes Thrones that much more intriguing. And now as I develop week-to-week trends I have to keep things in mind like "oh Daenerys wasn't in this episode but she has 3 dragons and thousands of trained and loyal soldiers". Well it sucks for her but I ran out of characters so fuggem she wasn't in the episode and she didn't make it into the power rankings! Here they are:

1. Jon Snow
This episode was very heavy on the bastard, and I don't think anyone was complaining. Especially not since he is not tied to Ygritte (the redhead, in case you weren't sure). Double especially not since he escaped death while simultaneously saving his woman. God, I can't wait for the scene where he kills the shit out of the dude that cut their rope loose. WE ARE ALL JON SNOW!

2. Tywin
3. Grandma Tyrell
The scene where they argued about the various family logistics was amazing. So much wisdom and wit and wealth and power packed into one conversation. It was like a heavyweight title fight but significantly more passive-aggressive. Tywin gets the higher spot because, well, he won. Just like he always does.

4. Ygritte
Girl knows something special when she sees it, and she locked Jon Snow down forever. She's coming back to Winterfell after Jon helps Robb win the war (or something - I have no clue because I didn't read the books).

5. Littlefinger
I can't tell if you're supposed to like him or not. Like he's such a dick but he's kind of likable but he sent his bottom bitch to get shot up with a crossbow but we didn't really care about her but he shafted Sansa but wait was that him or Tywin? He's the Severus Snape of Thrones - we'll only find out if he's good at the very end. Bold prediction: Baelish kills an old man with a beard sometime relatively soon.

6. Bran
7. Robb
Hard to not like the Stark boys, even if they haven't really done anything recently. Both show a lot of solid leadership qualities but just need someone they respect to guide them along a little more. If only their dad was still around. But at the same time, that's kind of a major plot development point. So they'll have to settle for being ranked in the middle of the pack for now.

159. Sam/Gilly
So fucking stupid! Such a waste of a scene. I would rather just watch Daenerys' army walk across the desert with no dialogue.

Dead last. Theon
I'm perplexed by his whole situation, but he's handling it really poorly. Not that I could handle it any better, but it's hard to think of a way that anyone could handle it worse.

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