Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Official Fantasy Death Pool Rules

Here are the rules for the latest Bullets Blog Fantasy Game:

  • Each person drafts three actors/actresses from the IMDB cast list for the movie (actor names, not character names).
  • The participating parties must go see the movie at midnight on the night that it opens. 
    • Prior to the opening, the following are permitted:
      • Trailers
    • And the following are NOT permitted:
      • Synopsis-related reviews
    • Basically just try to preserve the integrity of the game. 
  • For each actor that dies, the team is awarded one point.
  • Deaths will be determined by the majority of the participating teams (in our case, we both have to agree). If a tie occurs, a third person will be consulted to determine if the character died or not. 
  • The team with more points at the end of the movie wins. 
Our first Fantasy Death Pool movie will be The Bourne Legacy, which opens this Friday. 

PS - If you listened to the podcast and were wondering what DIA actually stands for, it's either Denver International Airport or Defense Intelligence Agency. You make the call. 

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