Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ranking the Country/Rap Collaborations

I feel like the title is the only description that you really need. Here we go:

Brad Paisley & Ludacris - Accidental Racist
I'm hesitant to even put this video in the blog. Just a terrible idea that was executed terribly.

Taylor Swift & T-Pain - Thug Story
I'm a tad biased here because I love Taylor but this is a really solid song in the Lonely Island-type of genre. Not so much a rap-country collaboration, really more of a pop singer rapping. But #IKnitSweatersYo so here we are. Still better than Accidental Racist. (Sound below, link to the music video here)

Nelly & Tim McGraw - Over And Over
The song that started it all.

Snoop Dogg & Willie Nelson - Superman
#GoAheadWillie #Woo #Yeehaw #Pot

Jason Aldean & Ludacris - Dirt Road Anthem
Luda made an appearance on the worst collab ever (possibly regardless of genre) but I really like him and Aldean. The southern born/raised attitude (even though Luda has spent a decade telling us he's from the hood) works for Luda. I don't know if I'd believe that he grew up in the same town as Jason Aldean, but it's definitely a good song.

Florida Georgia Line & Nelly - Cruise
I love everything about this song. The original version of Cruise is one of my favorite songs of the summer, and Nelly is awesome in general. I think the FGL guys are just not-redneck enough to make it believable that they would hang out with Nelly. And let's be honest - who wouldn't want to party with Nelly and Florida Georgia Line? (Side note: awesome music video. Classic no plot/hot girls/look at our cars video)

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